We run support groups across the UK. These are an opportunity for you to be heard by people who really understand, to share your experiences of sarcoidosis and learn from others.

Talking with people who are also living with sarcoidosis, and who understand what you are going through, can feel very liberating. This is why SarcoidosisUK run a growing number of Support Groups across the UK.

Our groups are really friendly. They usually meet every 4 or 6 weeks in community centres, libraries and public halls. They are run by volunteers who have sarcoidosis themselves.

Everyone with sarcoidosis is welcome to join, although we do prefer if you drop us a line first. You are welcome to bring a partner, close relative, friend or carer.

Click the button below to view and RSVP to upcoming SarcoidosisUK Support Groups on meetup.  We use meetup to help organise our groups - you will need to create a (free) account if you do not already have one before you log in.


Paul Johnson, SarcoidosisUK Cardiff Support Group Chairman (R) and a visiting speaker from Mind charity, October, 2016.

Can You Help to Run a SarcoidosisUK Support Group?

Do you live with sarcoidosis and have experience running support groups or chairing meetings?

Can you give a few hours a month to help local people with sarcoidosis?

SarcoidosisUK are working to establish a national network of support groups; our goal is that eventually everyone in the UK with sarcoidosis who wants to should be able to meet others living with the condition. If you want a group in your area, and especially if you have the skills to help lead a group, please get in touch with us. We can only set up a new group when we know there is sufficient demand in the area!