Celebrating our research work with a ground-breaking study. Help us find the cure.

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We need to raise £60,000 of the £120,000 total needed to fund potentially lifesaving mTOR research. We’ve already arranged to have all donations doubled. Please consider donating to our 20th anniversary campaign. Every donation helps.

Visit our official Just Giving campaign page and donate online today. Together, we can defeat Sarcoidosis.

Our ground-breaking new study: mTOR

Nature Immunology journal published a significant piece of research from the University of Vienna. They showed that “switching on” mTOR, a naturally occurring protein, in a mouse gives that mouse Sarcoidosis. Excitingly there are already approved human mTOR blockers. We therefore want to fund research to see if switching off mTOR in humans in turn switches off Sarcoidosis.

If successful, this would provide the world’s first ever treatment for Sarcoidosis.

Why this is important

Sarcoidosis is an under-researched disease with no cure. Patients have their symptoms treated with the hope that the disease goes into remission; however, in 20-30% of cases it becomes chronic and in 5% cases it is terminal.

1 in 10,000 can be expected to get Sarcoidosis. That means around a million people are suffering from a disease with no known cure.

The importance and urgency of our research is kept in sharp focus by the donations we receive in the name of those who have died from Sarcoidosis. 1 in 6 of all donations to SarcoidosisUK are from funeral plates or in memoriam donations.


Help us reach our goal:

James Milbourne, just 29, died of undiagnosed Cardiac Sarcoidosis. His mother, Sue, has raised over £8,500 towards research. We hope that our Cardiac Sarcoidosis research will prevent more deaths like James’s.

Kevin Ross, 39 and a father of three young children, died of Sarcoidosis. His brother-in-law ran the London Marathon and raised over £10,000 in his name. Our research aims to stop Sarcoidosis in its tracks.

Thank you for making a donation to SarcoidosisUK! Our work would not be possible without your generosity.

Thank you for your support!

Our Donation Commitment:

SarcoidosisUK will use your donation to the 20th Anniversary Campaign to fund medical research into Sarcoidosis. Our objective is to use the donations from this campaign to fund research into human trials of mTOR blockers, as this area of research shows the most promise in leading toward a cure for sarcoidosis. In partnership with The British Lung Foundation, who have a dedicated research team and process, a research proposal will be selected to receive our funding. SarcoidosisUK retain seats on the decision committee and we have a final veto. Our commitment is always to fund the best research proposals into Sarcoidosis, and should research proposals into the mTOR blockers not meet the high standards set by SarcoidosisUK and the British Lung Foundation, donations toward the 20th Anniversary Campaign will be applied to the SarcoidosisUK general research budget, and funds will go toward the next successful research proposal.