Sarcoidosis is characterised by the formulation of granulomas in the body. Recent research has potentially identified what causes these granulomas to form. SarcoidosisUK is actively pursuing further research into this topic with the hope of finding a cure for sarcoidosis. Find out more and how you can get involved below.

University of Vienna Research

Summary of the research from the Medical University of Vienna website. 

Original Journal Article from Nature Immunology Journal 18 (2017)

SarcoidosisUK mTOR Research

The research from the University of Vienna was conducted in mice. SarcoidosisUK want to fund research into the mTOR sensor in humans. mTOR inhibitors belong to a group of drugs already licenced for clinical use, making this research process much quicker and cheaper.

SarcoidosisUK are currently in talks with a number of research facilities which may be able to conduct this vital research into mTOR. Any research investigating the validity and safety of new drugs on humans is costly - world class researchers with top of the range equipment are necessary.

This is where we need you! We need around £160,000 to be able to fund this research. Every donation is doubled by our research partners and so is worth a lot to us. Please donate generously to help find a cure for sarcoidosis.