SarcoidosisUK's Facebook group is always a great place to go for support. There are thousands of members who understand what you are going through and are happy to support each other with information, experiences and compassion.

Online Forum

You can use the SarcoidosisUK Online Forum to connect further with other sarkies. You can start or contribute to public or confidential discussions with other members.

"You provide a great go-to service on Facebook where sufferers and their careers can 'meet' for information and support.”

SarcoidosisUK Facebook Group Member, February 2017

"Without the SarcoidosisUK site and forum I would have buckled and been in a very desperate state so I wish to say a very big THANK YOU TO YOU ALL...keep up the good work.”

SarcoidosisUK Facebook and Forum Member, 2017

"With the use of the SarcoidosisUK Facebook page we feel like we are now not alone."

SarcoidosisUK Facebook Group Member,

"I have lung Sarcoidosis for almost 5 years and have joined lots of support groups. The SarcoidosisUK Facebook Group by far is the most real, the most understanding, the most supportive, the most helpful and informative. Thank you to everyone involved at every level."

SarcoidosisUK Facebook Group Member, 2017