However sarcoidosis is affecting you, SarcoidosisUK is committed to doing whatever we can to support you. Find out more about our range of support services below.

Support Groups

Our groups are really friendly. This is an opportunity for you to be listened to by people who really understand, to share your experiences of sarcoidosis and learn from others.

Nurse Helpline

This is a confidential telephone service run by an NHS nurse with sarcoidosis. You can talk through any medical queries. This should provide you with some information and reassurance about your condition.

Online Support

SarcoidosisUK have active online support communities on our Facebook group and private online forum. These are great places to ask questions and find out more about other people's experiences.

Benefits Advice

Living with sarcoidosis may affect your financial situation. We have collected information on a range of benefits and sources of financial support to which you may be entitled to help you to support yourself.

Call Us

If the support services on this page do not fit you needs, please give us a call anytime for a chat! SarcoidosisUK are a very small and friendly team and are here to support you in whatever way we can.

Befriending Service

Sarcoidosis is rare - sometimes it is difficult to find someone to talk to. Many people with sarcoidosis can feel scared and lonely. Our befriending service provides the opportunity to talk to someone who knows what your going through.