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SarcoidosisUK exists to: provide information and support for people affected; raise awareness; and to fund research into a cure.

SILA has changed its name to SarcoidosisUK
SarcoidosisUK Research update from Dr Simon Hart,
Hull York Medical School
SarcoidosisUK Newsletter - September 2017
Discover the Changes We Have Made in Response to the SarcoidosisUK Supporter Survey; Read About Our Amazing Fundraisers and Much More...


We provide no nonsense, factually based information for people with sarcoidosis. We provide reliable information about symptoms, treatment and consultants for different types of sarcoidosis.


Having sarcoidosis can be a lonely and frightening experience. We are here to support you and to help you support each other. We run support groups, telephone support lines, and online forums.


As a rare disease, sarcoidosis gets very little attention from the public, media and medical profession. We have stepped up to fund vital medical research. We will continue to fund sarcoidosis research until we have found a cure.


SarcoidosisUK can only exist with your help! Every donation goes towards helping people with sarcoidosis.


Everything we do raises the public awareness of sarcoidosis. We are putting pressure on the NHS and employers to improve quality of life for those affected by sarcoidosis.

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